LIDA Firenze

Lega Italiana dei Diritti dell'Animale

About us

LIDA is an acronym which stands  for “Italian League for  the rights of the animals.”

This Organization was founded in 1977 with the aim of fighting  for the juridical recognition  of the natural rights of all the animals  and against every type of violence is made on humans and non humans in the world.

We are fighting for the defense of biodiversity, for the right of life of the animals which are in a risk of extinction or are victim of great cruelty in the intensive farms for the increasing   economic interests  linked to globalization.

We are all beings living in the same planet and this planet is now hardly menaced by a wrong idea of development linked to the laws of economy  which consider the land something to be exploited together with its inhabitants, animals and humans who have become now only goods to be used.

For this reason LIDA  defends the welfare of animals but  in practice it defends the welfare and the future of everyone: men, women, children, old people.

Because we are all  connected  with a deep link  and if an animal’s  specie extinguishes, we will leave something of our biodiversity and we will risk our health.

In 1978 at the UNESCO the LIDA proclaimed , together with other European and international organizations , the
“ Universal Declaration of the rights of the animals”

with the intent to introduce the respect towards the environment and every living beings !!

Art.1 ) Every animal is equal in front of life and has the same rights to existence.

Art.2) Every animal has the right to respect and the man, who is an animal too, cannot destroy the animals but must protect them.”

That Declaration  was a great step in our European Constitution and conscience and many European Countries like Germany have introduced the articles of this Declaration in their national Constitutions.  We are very proud for this result although a lot of path has to be crossed again in the future.

Many laws have to be made to safeguard the true welfare of animals.

We are sure that saving animals from cruelty and ensuring them a greater welfare will be good for our conscience but even for our health.

Pollution will decrease if we learn to diminish animal proteins, if we change our behavior we will be safer and our planet will be less chemically polluted.

Our great aims are antivivisection, vegetarianism, biocentrism,  antispecism !!

They are big goals, and we are walking toward this aim  slowly and with difficulty because we must change our behavior and our ideas, but it’s the only way to save our planet, and the time remaining to do this is very little.

Our everyday activities are many:  we oversee that animals are not cruelly treated  by their  masters, that the environment is respected, for example the laws regulating fishing and hunting, we get relationship  with the Authorities and the political administrations in our Region and town.
We rescue lost and wound animals  and take care of the cats which live free in colonies in our land.
We organize  Meetings to spread the animal and ecologic philosophy, we organize demonstrations and protests against the cruelty towards the animals, against their exploitation and use in medical laboratories, against the furrieries.




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